Chemours(DuPont) Ti-Pure™ R-902+ Titanium Dioxide

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is a multi-purpose grade pigment recommended for use

when a single pigment is required to perform well in interior and exterior gloss

and semi-gloss systems. Though less resistant to weathering than other grades,

R-902+ provides an excellent balance of performance properties.

It is specifically formulated to perform well in a wide range of solvent-based and

Excellent resistance to overbake yellowing during cure

Industrial maintenance, implement, and transportation finishes

Architectural interior flat, semi-gloss and exterior finishes

Exterior industrial finishes except those requiring the highest level of durability

Highly Recommended Recommended Not Recommended

Resistance at 30 C (86 F) (1,000 ohm)

25 kg paper bags, or 1 metric ton (1,000 kg) flexible intermediate bulk containers

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