The Health Supplement Ingredient ThaCould be Causing Cancer

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The Health Supplement Ingredient That Could be Causing Cancer

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Walk into any pharmacy, grocery store, or health food store, and the choice of health products and supplements is overwhelming. How can the average consumer figure out what they should and should not get? One of the best ways is to read the ingredient list. Many supplements contain chemical-sounding names as additives and coloring agents. One has to question whether or not these are safe, and also question the motives of a company who is using these unsafe ingredients in its products. One major additive you should be watching out for is titanium dioxide, which may contribute to the development of cancer and other health issues.

Titanium dioxide is a common additive in a number of food and cosmetic products. Although titanium dioxide is found in nature, the particle is a metal that is attracted to impurities. Manufacturers process titanium dioxide through a chemical process to remove impurities and create a white powder.1Its industrial applications are a result of its whitening effects, lack of odor, good absorbency, and anti-caking properties.2

The most significant usage for titanium dioxide is as a pigment to color and thicken paints.1, 3It is also found in sunscreen, supplements, and medications, particularly those that come in a white tablet form. Additionally it is used as a coloring agent in foods such as the white powder on donuts and other pastries.1, 4

Here are some of the foods that may have titanium dioxide. Be sure to check the ingredient lists of foods in both your pantry and fridge:4, 5

Condiments including mayonnaise, mustard, horseradish cream, and vinegar

Nut spreads such as almond and peanut butter

Desserts such as custard, tapioca pudding, sherbet, and sorbet

Energy drinks labeled as sport, energy, or electrolyte beverages with a water base

Cottage, cream, and processed cheeses

Dairy drinks including chocolate milk, eggnog, kefir, or whey-based drinks

Prepared foods such as potato and macaroni salad, and foods containing battered fish or poultry

Processed snacks such as Twinkies and powdered donuts

Although not a food, oral supplements can also contain titanium dioxide

The FDAs Stance on Titanium Dioxide

Many individuals question the regulations and standards that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sets up when it comes to pharmaceutical medications and food based ingredients. Titanium dioxide is another confusing one as the FDA categorizes it as both a natural coloring agent, and a synthetically prepared ingredient.4,6

Research supports the idea that microscopic sized particles such as titanium dioxide may be hazardous to human health. Despite this understanding, the FDA regulates titanium dioxide as a Generally Required as Safe (GRAS) substance. The FDA has established concentration guidelines but does not require the ingredients to be listed on labels.4

Titanium dioxide is used as nano-particle particulate, which means that it is super small in size. This plays an important role in product manufacturing but it can also be hazardous to human health. This super small size is useful for products such as sunscreen because the larger sized particles will remain visibly white and not blend into the skin barrier.4

If you are looking at your phone or computer, you may notice a cluster of dust particles. Each of these dust particles will range in size from 3,000 to 9,000 nanometers (nm). Titanium dioxide and other nanoparticles may be utilized in products at the size of 2-5 nm. At that size the particles can have serious health consequences if digested.7

Although nano-sized titanium dioxide may be in small concentration, their presence alone may pose a significant carcinogenic hazard to human health. Animal studies using nanoparticles have shown evidence of increased risk of developing cancer both in the lungs when the nano-particles were inhaled, and in the skin when it was applied topically.3,8

The scientific community has yet to do an in depth analysis of nano-particle technology and its effects on human health. Unfortunately, these particles are being used by most individuals in western society on a daily basis despite the lack of scientific analysis on their safety.

Titanium dioxide particles have been linked to increased oxidative stress.4Oxidative stress is a condition characterized by free radical damage within the body that causes cellular instability and chronic inflammation. This state of high oxidative stress stimulates cellular and DNA damage and is a major player in the formation of cancer cells and other chronic disease states.

These nano-sized titanium dioxide particles are able to slip through the gut lining and into the blood stream. They are also able to escape the immune systems natural defenses and are able to float around in the blood stream and interfere with key biological functions.

A growing body of evidence supports that 500 nm sized titanium dioxide particles (at least 5 times larger than the size of nano-particles also found in food) can be absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract and stored in organs such as the liver and spleen. Smaller particles (ranging from 80 nm to 155 nm) had detectable damage to not only neighboring organs of the digestive tract, but also to the brain.4

Findings have shown that titanium dioxide exposure increases free radical stress, reactive oxygen species formation, and chronic inflammation throughout the body.4This process may promote cell proliferation and deactivate normal cell apoptosis processes that control cancer cell development.

The presence of a protein known as PAD (peptidylarginine deiminase) appears to be induced when in the presence of titanium dioxide particles. PAD is present in cellular conditions exhibiting increased oxidative stress and inflammation.9

Titanium dioxide is a widely used additive in food, cosmetics, medication, and supplement products that are commonly used in the western world. Based on the scientific literature and lack of proper safety analysis, you should take caution when seeing this compound listed on a product.

As always, it is important to read ingredient lists even in so called health foods, supplements and drugs to ensure your products dont contain this potential cancer causing additive.

Manufacturers do respond to public pressure. Earlier this year the giant food chain Dunkin Donuts announced that it was eliminating nano-titanium dioxide from its powdered sugar donuts. This shows that some manufacturers are aware of titanium dioxide dangers and are willing to eliminate this ingredient when pushed to do so.

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Very enlightening and empowering when it come to personal health. Titanium dioxide can be found in our cosmetics and in foods.

Very enlightening and empowering when it come to personal health. Titanium dioxide can be found in our cosmetics and in foods

It is in my citracal and multi-vitamin that I take every day! Thanks for the info.

dont forget flouridation and chemtrails

Regeneration USA products do not contain this awful chemical substance

We need to be vigilant in reading labels. Not buying these products forces those producers to alter their ingredients to a natural organic one. Sylvia

This is very important to read and take note of.

Is there anything left for us to eat?

Yes, Anne-Marie, please look around, in the veggie garden (for example).

We need to use common sense and open our eyes

it is common that when some people do not want to change or revise their eating and drinking habits.

they just lift their arms up in the airanddo not really care to make better decisions.

And we all need help to change our ways!

Thank you, wonderful information!!!!!

Please share data on TiO2 causing problemsas a paint chemist I worked with this material for 45 years and am not aware of any problems associated with its use or contact.

Its also in Colgate tooth paste, last ingredient!

Is it acid in nature? I still believe Dr Simoncinis theory that cancer is a fungus. There are all types of fungus and all fungus needs acid and alkaline kills it. If we get enough alkaline in our system could we then neutrlize the TO to nothing? Should we all get PH strips and monitor our PH weekly and our diet! There are alkaline/acid charts of foods online.

But do not pay attention to the latest thing that they are saying = no red meat! and B12 shots! causing menory loss. Nobody says anything about sugar which is more harmful than any chemical also! It depletes our B vitamins which is needed for many nerve functions and could we not eliminate MS or other conditions that used to not be known to mankind ? Sugar is all acid by the way!!!

So is meat but we need meat which has much nutrition -we do not need sugar~! It has NO nutrition.

Thyroid medicine may have gluten/Ti/ GMO corn starch/AL coloring and more. Gluten may cause thyroid problems. Gum may have Ti in it also.

Certainly an eye opener for those of us who wer not aware of this info.

Thank you about this health information. What about the GMO. We should talk more about it. It is harmful for the DNA and responsible for damaging the Aminoacids.

It is also in paints and most pre,school children love painting including themselves

Is titanium dioxide derived from titanium? And i so, what are the efects of titanium plates which are used for healing broken bones?

First learned about titanium dioxide in foods when I read the ingredients list on a brand of vegan cheese named Daiya. Emailed the company about this ingredient asking if they had any info about the health effects of titanium dioxide on the human body when ingested. I did not get a reply from Daiya, and have stopped buying their products.

Titanium Dioxide, an additive linked to causing cancer brought to you by Ty Bollinger

Please clarify. Cancer is brought to you by Ty Bollinger? Thats what your message said.

This is somthing I never knew about. There are so many things that are dangerous to our health that we are not aware of, thanks for the information.

Yes, Im interested in that as well. My sunscreen contain titanium oxide. Is that also an item to worry about?

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The article states YES. Titanium dioxide is a problem whether ingested or topical.

Centrum Silver / multivitamin for adults 50 and over contains titanium dioxide.

I have recently found out that I have the MTHFR gene mutation and I was told not to take vitamins with folic acid in them. Folic acid does not get used by my body. I need metholated folate. Supposedly 1/3 of our population have this gene mutation. Your multivitamin has folic acid in it. Do you know anything about this gene mutation?

Newer thyroid medication Tirosint is gluten free and allergen free

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Thank you for this information. We do need to be careful

Thank you for this. We do need to be careful

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