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Titanium dioxide production ↔

(chemistry) a brilliant white powder, TiO

, used as a pigment, and in sunblock, toothpaste and cosmetics

enA white, water-insoluble powder that melts at 1560C, and which is produced commercially from the titanium dioxide minerals ilmenite and rutile; used in paints and cosmetics.

The separated hydratedtitanium dioxideis calcined in a rotary kiln to convert back intotitanium dioxide.




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Viologen is used in conjunction with

(TiO2) in the creation of small digital displays.

TiO2 .

is a known catalyst of thermooxidation and photooxidation of polymers.


Limit values for SOx emissions released from

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produced using the chloride process.

Ash (typically containing carbon, zinc oxide,

, silicon dioxide, cadmium, lead and other heavy metals);

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to keep the appearance of the church white.

produced using the sulphate process

of both premium and low-end quality.

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Limit values for SOx emissions released from


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The following tables give an overview of the costs for SO2 abatement techniques in


, used in sunscreen lotions, are washed down drains every year.

is a white pigment found in a wide range of products.

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Around 90% of the TiCl4 production is used to make the pigment

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