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Welcome to "Preskitt" Arizona USA!

This photo is from the collection of our own local photographer, Theresa Rose Ditson of TreeRose Photography.

Goldwater Lake

Goldwater Lake at Goldwater Park is located just a four miles from downtown Prescott. It is a small lake with 15 acres of water surface, but features tons of family fun with park recreation and picnic facilities. The lake is small but has great views and perfect waters for canoeing and kayaking and also features a great hiking trail. It is open all year.

The Granite Dells

The Granite Dells is a geological feature north of Prescott, Arizona. The Dells consist of exposed bedrock and large boulders of granite that have eroded into an unusual lumpy, rippled appearance. Watson Lake and Willow Lake are small man-made reservoirs in this formation. It ends at Watson Lake, one of our very popular recreation locations  ....

Granite Mountain

Granite Mountain Wilderness is the most popular of all the wildernesses due to its proximity to Prescott (only 20 minutes by paved road) and the unique experience it offers for hiking among huge granite boulders, rock formations, and the outstanding view of the surrounding area. ....

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Welcome to Prescott Arizona Live!

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Cheapest Places Where You'll Want to Retire


  • Cost of living for retirees: 3.7% below U.S. average
  • Share of population 65+: 30.8%
  • Arizona's tax rating for retirees: Most Tax-Friendly
  • Lifetime health care costs for a retired couple: Below average at $378,205

Undoubtedly, many of you have considered the Grand Canyon State for its retiree-friendly climate and beautiful natural setting. Plus, the tax situation is equally attractive. With its low income taxes and lack of state taxes on Social Security, Arizona is among the 10 most tax-friendly states for retirees.

Prescott, about 100 miles north of Phoenix, eases the stress on your retirement kitty even more with its below-average living costs. But affordable doesn't mean boring. Prescott offers an active cultural scene with numerous theaters, galleries and music venues, as well as a wealth of things to do outdoors, including golfing and hiking.

The Best 3 Cities to Retire In -- The Motley Fool

Featured among best cities to retire in on lists from to, Prescott is a hidden gem among retirement communities. For those not keen on the desert heat, Prescott is located in a cooler climate in Arizona's north where temperatures from a high of 52 in January to 89 in July.   

Prescott offers plenty of options for the outdoorsy adventurer, and this old mining town has a downtown full of buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places. According to, the median listed home is $189,900, or $79/sq. ft. lower than Arizona's average of $209,900 and the national average of $216,102. With a median age of 53, the community is also ideal for retirees looking to be around other seniors. Retirees can also benefit from a friendly state tax policy as Social Security is untaxed and its top income tax rate is just 4.5%. Finally, the average annual property tax in Prescott is $1,317, significantly less than the national average of $2,193.


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